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Good Web Design Needs to Be Marketing Focused

Good web design works with your digital marketing strategy to promote your product, service or business brand.

Your website is the place where most people's interaction will take place with your business. Most consumers will explore your website before visiting your office or business in person. Offline and online marketing strategies will all most likely end up at your website as well so having a website that is closely integrated with your marketing strategy and has the ability to converts these leads into sales is crucial.

It is a common misconception that web design and marketing are two separate things. In reality, the best web designs are those that have been carefully integrated with a digital marketing strategy and designed with executing that strategy and conversion rates in mind.

It's both possible and profitable to create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and focused on converting your visitors into paying customers. A web designer well versed in Conversion rate optimization (CRO) - the ability to get visitors to your website to complete the desired action you want them to e.g. fill out a form, buy a product etc will be a huge help when it comes to driving up the results of your marketing strategy.

Page speed, colour choice, clear Calls to Action (CTA), consistent navigation, focused content are all aspects of Conversion Rate Optimisation that will assist in improving the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Good Conversion Rate Optimisation will also affect SEO and boost organic search engine results as well.

Dollop Digital has extensive web design experience and is well versed in CRO techniques. If you're a Gold Coast business get in touch with them and find out how they can help with your website and online marketing strategy.


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