Older Sites aren’t Mobile Friendly

Mobile visitors now make up more than 50% of website visits.

Modern websites are now being designed with mobile visitors in mind. If you’re not giving customers what they want while on their phone or tablet, you’re losing them to businesses that do.

Google reports that consumers are five times more likely to leave the website if it is difficult to read or load on mobile.

Their biggest frustration? When they have to pinch and zoom around a website and press on tiny buttons.

Your site should be easy to view and navigate on both desktop and mobile. The easiest way to achieve this is with a responsive website that automatically
adjusts to fit on whatever device you’re viewing from.

Having a mobile friendly website is vital in offering a great experience to a huge chunk of traffic that visits your site on the go.

On top of this since April 2015, Google officially started rewarding the search rank of mobile-friendly sites and penalizing sites that were not mobile friendly.

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