Well the short answer is the Fuse is now Dollop Digital.

Why the name change? Well Fuse has been around for quite some time but it’s never really been a business that’s marketed itself,  relying more on word of mouth over the years. However in the current climate with more competition than ever we’ve realised the neccessity of self promotion and feel that it was time to move on from the name Fuse for 2 reasons. One is that we feel like we’ve outgrown it and it’s time for a fresh change. Secondly, over the years Fuse has become a very commonly used name/term in this industry and more broadly, so we found it a challenge to get traction with it when it comes to online marketing and didn’t want to be creating brand awareness for other businesses.

We love the name Dollop because we think it’s positive and represents something that adds to the experience of whatever its applied to. A dollop of cream, a dollop of creativity… It’s a name that we can build a brand behind in this space and we’re excited about the future of Dollop Digital.

What Happened to Fuse?