About Us

Daryl Shaw / Founder

Dollop Digital was founded by Daryl Shaw, a long time Gold Coast resident with over 20 years experience in web development and design. He’s worked with some major brands in that time such as Billabong, Ultratune, Oscar Oscar and more.

Daryl will be your point of contact at all times and will carry out the majority of the work which means your valuable project isn’t palmed off to some inexperienced underling with poor communication skills.

Aside from Daryl, Dollop Digital also has at it’s disposal a well-vetted team of developers that are called upon on an ad-hoc basis for projects that are bigger in scope.

What does working with us mean for you?

Stress Free

Our full service solutions allows us to do all the worrying for you so you can concentrate on what you do best

Great Communication

We’re great listeners and communicators and take the time to truly understand your business and identify how to best showcase your products, services & skills.


We’ve built our business on a reputation for great service with a personal touch. You won’t be getting a cookie cutter development experience or website from us.


We bring over 20 years of web development experience to the table to ensure the best possible outcome.

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