Our Process

This is our process in a nutshell, based on many years of fine-tuning

Our Process

We Talk...

The first step involves collaboration with you and any other stakeholders to work out what success looks like for your project. This includes defining client goals, who the intended target audience is, the allocated budget and as much relevant information as we can possibly gather. We then work with you, using all our experience and knowledge to formulate a strategy to achieve those goals that is in keeping with the brand values and positioning of your business. A website with no plan for acquiring new customers is a wasted exercise so a key part of our strategising will revolve around designing a website with a marketing strategy baked in to it.

We Agree

Once this strategy has been wholeheartedly agreed on we discuss the scope of the work involved and subsequent time frame. From there  an agreement is created, a deposit is collected and we then proceed to the Design & Development Stage

Agree Process
Develop Process

Design & Development

You are kept in the loop regularly. Depending on what was discussed we will either customise an existing template or develop you one from scratch. We’ll work towards building you a prototype homepage and secondary site page and refine these based on your feedback. Once you have signed off on these we continue to develop the rest of the site, implementing all features discussed. Weekly updates will be delivered throughout, and as all work is done on a password protected development server you’re able to see the site take form in real-time. Find out more about our Web Development services.

We Deliver You a Great Website

We deliver you a great looking website that ticks all your boxes and you are 100% happy with. This is not something we take lightly, we’ll make sure you’re completely satisfied with the work carried out and even get you to sign off on it.

We also don’t put something online and leave you to your own devices. We supply training and guidance to ensure a smooth launch. 


Deliver Process
Support Process

Exceptional Support

We take the stress and angst out of having a website by making sure you’re site’s performing well and that we’re responsive and available when you need us. You choose whether you want to be on a support plan or call on us as required.


We’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop with regular reviews of the site’s performance, and  work with you to analyse the effectiveness of the marketing strategies deployed and strive for continued improvement over time.

Growth Process

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