Ease of UseShopify includes hosting and security and requires no code knowledge to get started.Not beginner friendly without some code knowledge
Build TimeShopify guides you through the process and all the basic required features are already baked in getting you to a live store quicker.More decisions (and more control) make for a slower process.
PluginsOver 3000 apps cover most requirements55,000 plugins cover just about everything imaginable due to the open source nature of the platform.
Design and ThemesSmall (around 70) but slick array of full feature templates give many stylish options. Customisation more complicated however due to the rigid platform.Infinitely customisable due to the open source platform and a huge collection of themes pouts Woocommerce on top.
SEOReasonable options but limited.Top quality free plugins give incredible power and control
SecurityBecause Shopify is a hosted solution, Shopify deals with handling any safety issues for you, making sure that you’re safe from hackers.You need to handle the security on your own, with a hosting provider, or by yourself.
Customer Support24/7 Support is integral to keeping your site up Depends on your hosting options and something comparable or superior to Shopify is possible but not default.
PricingHosting and app fees can rack up quickly.Free to install and reasonably price extensions make for an inexpensive exercise.

Shopify vs Woocommerce – Simple Guide